• $27.95

MaxOut is made with deionized water, anionic and nonionic surfactants, a blend of solvents and soil suspending agents. MaxOut uses potassium-based builders which give better performance and less residue than the cheaper and more common sodium-based builders common in the industry. In addition we’ve added our unique blend of fluorochemical copolymers to make carpets stay cleaner longer.

  • Concentrated- Four to eight ounces per gallon is all you need for great cleaning results. MaxOut is a great money maker. For extremely soiled commercial carpets add AllOut Enzyme Booster as needed.
  • Strong- Penetrates and suspends heavy soils, grease, and spots with powerful solvent action without butyl cello solve. 
  • Fast- Begins working the second it hits the carpet. Allow a 5 to 15 minute dwell time for best results then extract with Chem Max RinseOut Solution. 
  • Safe- With a ph under 10 MaxOut is safe for all 5th Generation nylon carpets. 
  • Minimum Residues- Free rinsing formula will not contribute to recoiling when extracted with Chem Max Rinse Out solution. In fact, carpets will stay cleaner up to 1/3 longer than ordinary cleaners.